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Avenues des Bergières 53

1004 Lausanne, Switzerland


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Adriana de Pesters

technical lead & good cop

Geneva, Switzerland

> co-founder of Naraven Games

> the one behind no bugs

"radial menu zoom juice update implemented!"

Julia Jean

creative lead & bad cop

Lausanne, Switzerland 

> co-founder of Naraven Games

> the one behind the story and jokes 

"we need voice actors for those chairs too"

Taychin Dunn

art lead & drunk ninja 

Bangkok, Thailand

> here-from-day-one partner

> the one behind your buying of the game


"don't worry I made it M O D U L A R"

Christopher Snow

level designer & first responder

Florida, USA

> unexpected voice-over talent recruit

> the one behind the flow & behind the booths 

"what? sorry I zoned out"

Phoebe Shalloway

generalist designer & swiss army knife

New-York, USA

> writer + designer + programmer + traveller

> the one behind big picture coherence

"brb guys, there's a scorpion in my sink"

David Tiegen

project manager & veteran

Washington, USA

> part-time life-expectancy saver

> the one behind no burnouts

"ok so I've put it on GANTT"

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