Naraven Games

Avenues des Bergières 53

1004 Lausanne


±22 32 800 kidding we own no phone

Julia Jeanneret

I hope you particularly like the generous sprinkling of adverbs

in my writing, if not the quivering  game design I fraudulously tend

to execute. I admit, management

may be my strength.

Maxime Raymond

I hope you like my  cinematic  skills you may have seen in all those Swiss movies you've watched haha no, kidding, you've seen none.

I do some sound-design too when

 our sound guy is too busy.

Adriana de Pesters

I hope you like my superhuman brain. I turned down a job with NASA to keep programming with Naraven.

I talk in short sentences.

Also I'm the nicest one

(Julia wrote that)

Tay if you're reading these don't delete.

They're the last thing I have left.

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